First Time In Europe: An Organized Tour vs. Doing It On Your Own

first time in europe

As long as I can remember I dreamed of going to Europe. Finally, it was happening. My first time in Europe was a trip to remember. The history, the beauty, the old buildings, the charming stone alleyways, the culture, the fashion, the sophistication, and the dream of having some French man sweep me off my … Read more

The Advantages of Taking Online Spanish Classes

The Advantages of Taking Online Spanish Classes

Regardless of where you live and what resources you have access to, you can take Spanish classes online. In many cases, you’ll find almost unlimited access to study materials and guides on the best ways to practice your skills. Depending on your interests and goals, you can use the internet to make new Spanish-speaking friends … Read more

Choosing The Best Travel Insurance For Backpackers

choosing the best travel insurance for backpackers

Backpackers Travel Insurance: How great it is to take to the road for a while and see the world from a different perspective! Although many dream about it, backpacking is not for everyone and it does not always turn out to be the romanticized experience it is made out to be. Choosing The Best Travel … Read more

Check-list on locating Cheap Travel Insurance For Backpackers

cheap travel insurance for backpackers

Cheap Travel Insurance For Backpackers: Backpackers are typically people who like to travel on their own and who enjoy exploring new locations on a limited budget. They are curious and enjoy discovering Mother Earth’s treasures and variety while visiting places that are off the beaten track. Cheap Travel Insurance is a valuable asset to those … Read more

Types of Travel Insurance

Types of Travel Insurance

You should know that there are various types of insurance. When deciding on what insurance you should take, please, read the fine print before purchasing it to make sure what is ACTUALLY covered. These are the most common insurances: Travel Insurance: These plans typically reimburse your non-refundable travel expenses in case of any unexpected “covered … Read more

Ten Tips for Women Traveling Alone

So you have spent months in the gym, you have had your hair done, your nails, your spray tan and are looking fabulous and you’re ready for a holiday of a lifetime. Following in the footsteps of the stars you head out for some celeb stalking residing at a cheap Los Angeles Hotel ( you … Read more

Rent or Buy a Motorbike in Vietnam in 2022?

tigit motorbike honda

Should I rent or buy a motorbike in Vietnam? This isn’t as easy as a decision as it sounds, there are many factors to consider. We’ll discuss those as we progress through the article. I went through weeks of reading and watching Youtube vids until I felt like I’d gathered enough information about the subject … Read more