3 Easy Day Trips From Amsterdam

The beauty of the Netherlands is that everything is but a short train ride away. It makes it easy to use the city as a home base when exploring the outer lying areas while staying centrally located during your evenings to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam after nightfall. Once you’ve explored the city, check out these 3 easy day trips from Amsterdam and see what the rest of the kingdom has to offer.


A quick 15 minute train ride brings you to the fascinating and less crowded city of Haarlem. It’s a wonderful destination for a day trip and offers old monuments, windmills, The Teylers Museum, The Frans Hals Museum, bustling shops, cafes and restaurants. You should also check out Grote Markt.

It’s in Haarlem’s central square. Known around the world for its outlying tulip fields and being the center of a major flower bulb growing district, if you want an education on tulips this is a good place to start. Hop on a train to Haarlem and get to know the Netherlands a little better.


Rotterdam was heavily targeted during WWII and has been beautifully rebuilt since. Today stands a wonderful city that’s just under an hour by train from Amsterdam and offers many historical museums and sites.

Rotterdam market is held on Tuesday and Saturday and is a massive display of cutting edge architecture and an incredible amount of produce. I also recommend renting a bike while you’re there and cycling around the city to see the sites and various monuments.

You’ll get an up-close, but speedy tour of a city, blending their unique history with a cutting edge lifestyle.


Leiden is an excellent choice for a day trip away from Amsterdam because of it’s smooth 15 minute train ride and it features a harbor, beautiful canals, coffee shops and wonderful restaurants. Leiden is known for its university and its views.

Beautiful churches, bridges, a windmill museum are just a few of the charming attractions waiting for you in Leiden. Hosting half the tourists that Amsterdam does, it’s a wonderful place to get away for a day or two and experience true Dutch charm.



All 3 easy day trips from Amsterdam are less than a 1-hour train ride from Centraal Station and are definitely worth the pilgrimage to see. With fewer tourists and everything still quintessential Dutch, your trip out of the city will be enlightening and exciting while gaining an up-close and personal insight of the true Dutch culture. So don’t stay put, head to the train station today!!

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