How To Find Cheap Flights Online

The key to finding the best deals on flights for me is a combination of a couple of different methods. People ask me all the time about how to find cheap flights online and I always tell them to start looking as soon as they’re sure of a date. Hopefully you are a little flexible on times and dates because that can make the difference of several dollars or more. Once you know a date you can start looking and comparing.

Tuesday Rule

 I call it the Tuesday rule. It just means I try to book my flights on a Tuesday for a Tuesday. This is the day that the cheaper fares are introduced for the week and seems to be the cheapest day to fly also. Wait until Tuesday afternoon to start looking and you’ll notice considerable savings on some fares. You might have to look a month or two out, depends on the route and demand for it. Don’t wait until the weekend to look for flights because you’ll be seeing the maximum fare price. Tuesday evening is the day you want to look.

Check Multiple Sites

 I like to shop around. I look at Kayak, Skyscanner and Momondo. Once I find a flight I’m interested in I then check all the sites for that same flight. Then I check the individual airline site and see what they are selling the fare for. Google flights is also on my list of tools. It can be used in conjunction with any flight search engine and can help you narrow down the cheapest days to fly.

Acting Fast

The ability to jump on a fare while searching for deals is crucial because “Too good to pass up” deals do happen and you want to be able to capitalize on these. My last great deal was a $477 round trip from Chicago to Amsterdam that was well worth the cost. You’re not the only one looking for these deals so acting fast and securing a cheap seat is the name of the game.


 Flexibility with times, dates and destination airports can help save some serious money when it comes time to book your next flight across the country or even the world. Check nearby airports when looking and see what’s there. Many times for a lower price you can fly into a different, but nearby airport and still get to your end destination with little to no extra hassle. It doesn’t hurt to check these options out. One day to the other can make a huge difference in price so don’t forget to check days prior and after your date to maximize savings.

Great Time To Fly

 I love flying and it’s even a greater time when you’re getting a great deal. I hope these few useful tips show you how to find cheap flights online for your dream destination vacation. The deals are out there and a little digging will get you one. If you have cheap flight tips, tell us about them in the comments below!

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