Meet Me

My name is Zach and I’ve always enjoyed traveling. The first real trip I remember was with my parents and sisters by car to Plato, Missouri to visit some of my father’s family.

savage traveling "zach"

That wasn’t my first long trip in a car. I don’t remember but my parents drove from Alamagordo, New Mexico to Fairbanks, Alaska on a duty station move across North America while my dad was enlisted in the United States Air Force.

I don’t recall those first few trips but I was there and it must have planted the travel bug deep.

I grew up in the midwest and doing so allows you plenty of opportunities to dream about all the places you would like to visit and immerse yourself in one day.

After years of dreaming and a few half-hearted attempts, I collected enough money to afford myself a couple of weeks abroad. With nothing more than a backpack on my back and a compass and map in my pocket, I finally made my first 3 week trip to Europe, solo in May of 2017.

I only started getting the hang of Europe’s ins and outs by the end of my 21-day adventure but it left an impression that will forever impact my life.

I started this site with the idea to share my journey and hopefully many more journeys to come. I also want to help other travelers with advice and a central place for resources, travel experience, and knowledge.

Independent world travel is something that I’m very passionate about.

It has opened my eyes to a world that’s completely my own. Something that you can only see for yourself.

I’m hoping to continue my travels and sharing those experiences. I hope to help and encourage others to take the plunge into the exciting world of Independent World Travel.