How To Avoid Pickpockets In Europe

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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “It’s a jungle out there” and that definitely rings true for several of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations. Pickpockets and their scams come in all different shapes and sizes, so staying alert and on your toes will take you a long way. Checking out our tips on how to … Read more

5 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Europe

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Traveling abroad for your first time or your 6th is always exciting and can be overwhelming, even with the right information and preparation. Collecting the right knowledge and utilizing it to your advantage is key to having an epic Eurotrip. We’ve come up with 5 things you should know before traveling to Europe to help … Read more

How To Find Cheap Flights Online

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The key to finding the best deals on flights for me is a combination of a couple of different methods. People ask me all the time about how to find cheap flights online and I always tell them to start looking as soon as they’re sure of a date. Hopefully you are a little flexible … Read more

3 Easy Day Trips From Amsterdam

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The beauty of the Netherlands is that everything is but a short train ride away. It makes it easy to use the city as a home base when exploring the outer lying areas while staying centrally located during your evenings to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam after nightfall. Once you’ve explored the city, check out these 3 easy … Read more

Why You Need To Travel Alone

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Traveling has always represented freedom and a sense of wonder that no other activity really even comes close to matching and traveling alone takes those feelings and experiences to the next level. I could list hundreds of reasons why you need to travel alone, but in this article, I’ll only write about the ones I really … Read more

Solo Travel In Europe

 I’m usually quite sociable but no matter how easy I could strike up a conversation with a person or make a friend laugh, I wasn’t getting anywhere finding a travel partner to backpack Europe with. I asked friends and new acquaintances for well over a year before the realization that If I wanted to go … Read more

My First Solo Backpacking Trip To Europe

  When I purchased my first ticket across the pond, I didn’t even have a passport yet. Just a little bit of gumption and a general idea of what cities and country’s I could see with what time and money I thought I could come up with before take off. My first solo backpacking trip … Read more