Preparing For An Around The World Trip

This is my first time preparing for an around the world trip and I thought I’d write a little about my experience and what I’m trying to do to be prepared both mentally and physically. I’ve been to Europe once and have traveled extensively around the United States since I was a child.

4 Week Central Europe Experience

For this trip I plan on spending 4 weeks in Europe, then fly from a city there to Bangkok, Thailand. I’m starting in Amsterdam, staying at a hostel and visiting friends there for a few days before flying to Berlin for a 3-night stint. From there I’ll train or bus down to Prague where I’ll enjoy another hostel for 4 nights.

I’ve decided on Budapest after Prague and have secured a private room for 4 nights at $72 total (paid on arrival). A fair deal in my opinion and once I see the sights in Budapest I’ll move on to another European city. At this point in the trip, I will have been on the road for 15 days. I still have almost 2 weeks in beautiful Europe before deciding on what city to fly to Bangkok from.

I’m leaning towards flying out of Rome because I’ve found $250 one way flights to Bangkok from there and I can be in the area pretty easily with my time frame and what I’ve already have planned and booked.

2 More Weeks In Europe

If I fly out of Rome to Thailand I’ll probably spend some time in Slovenia for a few days and probably a night or two in Venice after Budapest. I imagine there will be another city or two stuffed in there before, but I don’t want to plan any more of this trip from home.

I visited Rome on my first trip to Europe and won’t spend much more than a day there if I do fly from there. So I’ll have plenty of time for several cities between Budapest and Rome if I please to do so.

First Bangkok Experience

I have a little bit of an idea of what to expect. I could watch YouTube videos for the next year and I’m sure it still won’t fully prepare me for a true Thai experience. That’s a good thing though, and why we all travel. To dig in deep and absorb the true nature of a culture.

I’m quite excited to get this leg of the trip underway. It’ll be my most adventurous trip to date and will open me up to a culture I never dreamed of getting to experience.

Thailand offers an environment and landscape that is pretty much as different from American culture as you can get and still be mostly safe.


Research And Planning

Planning this trip started about 3 months ago and has continually evolved into the plan I’ve laid out before you today. I’m sure it’ll continue to reshape and reform as time goes by and I discover more options for accommodation and cool, budget-friendly activities.

I use for all my accommodation because of the zero money down booking and the option of free cancellation when a cooler hostel or camping opportunity pops up. It’s a great service that I highly recommend and use pretty much every trip where I’m staying in a hostel or hotel.


I’ve booked a couple of flights. Chicago to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Berlin. I’ll start looking at my various destinations in Europe again closer to the start of my trip to help get an idea of when and what kind of tickets I’ll need to purchase.  I imagine it’ll be a combination of trains and buses.

The flight to Thailand will probably be booked before I leave home. It’s such a good deal I’d hate to miss out on that price, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself and be stuck to a certain date of departure and regret it. Sometimes to get the best deals though you must make a decision and run with it.

Once to Thailand, I’m not sure exactly how many different types of transport I’ll end up using but I’m sure it’s going to be a mix of planes, trains, buses, boats and tuk tuk’s.

I hope that’s it’s not as overwhelming as I’m making it out to be. I plan on buying an updated guide book. I’ll probably make a special trip to the book store and see what is out there and buy a couple to read as my trip approaches.

Fitness And Awareness

I do my best to maintain a basic physical activity regimen. Since I started this website it’s definitely been a necessity to keep active for an hour a two a day to combat “couch-lock”. Well, and various other ailments that can come from lack of physical activity and exercise.

I have a little dog. I walk her 4 to 6 nights a week. We usually go 3 miles or so. There’s a little route around town we follow and it takes us a little over an hour. It’s enjoyable, but enough to get the blood pumping.

I recommend starting to walk prior to any trip abroad. Let’s face it, the majority of a backpacking adventure is on your feet.

Just walking a few miles a night with a little stretching before will help your body bounce back and recoup faster and easier. Staying limber and flexible while traveling is crucial to a good time and your basic health.


Hopefully, my little story helps a few people that are maybe on the fence or just looking to learn a little more about what goes into preparing for an around the world trip. It’s a fun and exciting experience from start to finish and hope you enjoy your time out there on the road.

If you have travel stories or advice to add, please do down in the comments. We appreciate all your feedback and stories!!!

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