Solo Travel In Europe

 I’m usually quite sociable but no matter how easy I could strike up a conversation with a person or make a friend laugh, I wasn’t getting anywhere finding a travel partner to backpack Europe with. I asked friends and new acquaintances for well over a year before the realization that If I wanted to go

to Europe that I was going to have to do it alone. Solo travel in Europe can be a horrible experience or the greatest experience of a lifetime. It really depends on the mindset of the traveler and how willing they are to adapt to new cultures and situations.

Is Europe Safe For Traveling Solo?

A solo traveler shouldn’t worry too much about safety while traveling abroad. Basic common sense and situational awareness are your best defense for staying out of harm’s way while visiting foreign or domestic tourist destinations.
A few things that can be practiced are dressing down, no flashy jewelry or expensive electronic devices in plain view, limiting alcohol intake while out or wandering unfamiliar streets and neighborhoods late at night.
I know some of these might be hard to do or not very fun, but they can make the difference in a criminal deciding if you’re their next mark or someone else.

The statistics say you’re more likely to be attacked on the streets of the United States than on the streets of Europe. My best advice is to keep your head up and pay attention. If there’s a bustle and you’re in Barcelona, it’s probably pickpockets at work. Large crowds attract mischief and offer a distraction for any thief who is opportunistic enough or skilled in the art. There’s more of a chance that you’ll be stolen from while your head is down looking at your phone than if your head is high and paying attention to where you’re going and what’s around you. Confidence and awareness will show any attempting thief that you aren’t the prey they hoped for and they will move on to an easier conquest.

Confidence Is Key

Traveling solo offers you the advantage of blending right into a crowd or busy cityscape and really allowing you to soak up and immerse yourself in the country’s customs and culture. Solo travel in Europe is as safe as you make it. As a well prepared traveler you have to think on your feet and address situations in a safe and rational manner while still enjoying the unique life experiences unfolding around you. Staying safe while on the road is crucial to your health and well being, staying confident and informed will help ensure that happens.

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