Why You Need To Travel Alone

Traveling has always represented freedom and a sense of wonder that no other activity really even comes close to matching and traveling alone takes those feelings and experiences to the next level.

I could list hundreds of reasons why you need to travel alone, but in this article, I’ll only write about the ones I really think will convince you to jump right in and absorb an experience you’ll hold dear for the rest of your life, regardless of where you travel.

Traveling solo is liberating in more ways than one. There’s nothing like hitching a ride with a friend or family member to the nearest international airport and hopping on a jumbo jet and flying 5000 miles away from everything you know and love with nothing but a backpack and a couple of debit cards.

It’s one of the last great adventures that even the common person can plan, scrimp and save their way to at least one epic solo backpacking trip that they’ll be able to share with friends and family for the rest of their life.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There’s really no better way to get to know yourself and what you’re really capable of until you’ve immersed yourself in a culture and really took the time to soak up what your destination has to offer.

Trying local cuisines, drinking the local drinks, riding the public transport, having a picnic in the local park are all part of the experience and are even more meaningful when you have the time to sit there with yourself and reflect on what you’ve seen and learned throughout your travels.

I personally enjoy the little things about traveling solo. I love to get lost in a daydream and wander for hours in cities I may never see again. I enjoy ordering a beer with a name I can’t pronounce and trying to make new friends while out on the town, on my last night before an early morning and long train ride the next day.

It brings a sense of freedom you only read about in old books and only the best travel blogs. There are 195 countries not including Taiwan in this world, why not see a few of them?

It’s Easier Than You Think

Traveling solo has its advantages and disadvantages just like anything else worth doing. It allows you opportunities to be ultra-flexible with timetables and destinations.

You make the final decision on everything so your destinations and menu choices are up to you and that’s worth the world for some. Hopefully, you take the plunge and find out why you need to travel alone for yourself. Tell us about your solo travel experiences in the comment section below!!!

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